Creating Folders

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Folders are arranged in a tree structure.

Any folder that a user creates must sit inside a "parent folder" - that is a folder higher up the filing tree.

Note: It is not possible to manually create My Work, Class Folders, Pupil Folders, Group Folders, School Folders or Staff folders- these are "master" folders that are automatically created by the User Management tool when you add new classes.  You can however create sub-folders within My Work, or within existing Class Folders, Pupil Folder, Group Folders, School Folders or Staff Folders.  

Pupils will only be able to create sub-folders within their My Work folder.  Teachers or administrators will have greater permissions to create folders elsewhere.

To create a new folder

1.Choose the parent folder in which it will sit by clicking once on that folder.
2.Click 'New' in the Folder toolbar (see screenshot below),
3.Name your folder by clicking in the white rectangle and typing the name for the folder, then click OK.

my work creating folder